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ECO Mesh Produce Bags
ECO Mesh Produce Bags

ECO Mesh Produce Bags

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Organic Mesh Bulk & Produce Bag - Large

Bring reusable ECOBAGS organic cotton drawstring bags to the bulk and produce aisles of your favorite store and fill em up at your favorite bulk bins (beans, seeds and grains) or fresh fruits and veggies.

When you get home transfer bulk items to containers and put your produce right into the vegetable crisper.

Store the bag with your reusable totes for your next trip. See how easy it is to bring your purchases home and create zero-waste.

The drawstring top keeps everything from falling out. You'll see these bags are also handy for organizing travel and gym stuff or even using them as eco-friendly holiday gift bags.

12"W x 17"H with drawstring closed.

Bag holds +5 lbs black beans. The bag shown here has 2 oranges, 2 apples and (of course) an avocado! Dedicate one for each of your bulk items. 

100% Certified Organic Cotton

Machine wash cold, hang dry

Fair Wage/Fair Labor made!