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You are out of my size! Can I still order?

Contact us. We will let you know when we will have it in. We can contact you by email when it is ready to ship.

Are all of your shirts fair trade?

Yes, we only order fair-trade. Some of our cotton shirts are organic and others are not. We buy our shirts from the eco lines of a few different manufactures. Our local silkscreeners use phthalate-free vegan inks. (And btw there is no silk in the screens.) If you want certifications, please contact us. That's a lot to put here!

Can you print a design on a different shirt? 

Maybe is our firm answer! Let us know what you are looking for. It may be in our future or something we can do just for you.

I am not a large? Why are your women's sizes so tight??

We tell every female to order women's designs up one size from their unisex size. We don't make the shirts, or we (being 75% women-owned) would fix that! Also ALL shirts (even unisex)  say to wash cold and dry on low, so if you like to wash hotter, consider going up one more size. 

Are there discounts for group orders?

Group orders are our favorite! Yes, if you are ordering for your animal shelter or vegan food staff, for example, we can discount the shirts, and even possibly add your logo on the back. Contact us by email.

What's with all the black, white and gray? Any color coming?

Haha, sure! We are a new company and wanted to start with basics. We love feedback! Email us with your thoughts.