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NYC Vegan Restaurant Guide

Hey there! 👋It's Rebecca, the R in REBL. 
Also, the owner of @veganfoodgal on instagram.

One of my biggest passions is being a foodie. When instagram first came out (before it got really popular), I used it as a food diary to post pictures of what I ate at each place I visited. As the years went on, I kept it up and now have grown my foodie page, showing everyone how much I do really eat 😂It's so fun and I love being part of the foodie vegan community. I don't do it for ANY reasons other than trying new food, supporting the vegan restaurants, and showing people where to go and what to eat. Sometimes, I think people get caught up in the "influencer" culture, but for me it's not about the free food. I do it because it makes me happy to grow the love for veganism. So, I'd like to shout out to all my followers reading this, I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU 🙏Every message, comment and follower I get means so much to me. It takes a lot of time and effort while also having a full-time job, having a social life, and working on REBL. But I wouldn't change a thing.

I currently live in NYC, the mecca of vegan food, in my opinion. A lot of my friends are not vegan, but are totally on board with following my posts and are really curious about it all. Recently, I've gotten a ton of requests to help them with where to eat, what to buy, how to transition to vegan meals, etc. It makes me SO happy that veganism is trending and becoming the norm. 11 years ago, people called my family crazy for being 100% vegan. 

To all my NYC people - I made a PDF for all curious about the NYC vegan food scene. I didn't really go into TOO much detail, because quite frankly, it would take me days to do. So, stay tuned, and I will eventually get to it. I also did this with info off the top of my head. Yes, I know I did not include it all. Yes, I know I generalized it and it could be more organized. But, I want to emphasize that anyone can PLEASE reach out to me with thoughts, questions, and comments. I love love love answering messages about food, products, places, etc. 

Thanks for reading, and talk to you over the gram ;)

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See the PDF here!

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