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A Guide to Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Vegan Clothing

Many people we know have recently gone plant-based after watching on Netflix: The Game Changers, Forks Over Knives, or What The Health. This is oft...

Why You Should Ditch Dairy

  Why you should eat less dairy There is Veganuary, where groups urge people to try vegan for the month. There is a lesser-known movement in Februa...

NYC Vegan Restaurant Guide

Hey there! 👋It's Rebecca, the R in REBL. Also, the owner of @veganfoodgal on instagram. One of my biggest passions is being a foodie. When instagra...

A Vegan Family Journey

We always wanted a vegan business, so REBL was born. If you notice, none of our messaging is meant to make anyone feel bad. Rebecca is main designer, but everything is collaborative. WE LOVE GOING TO VEGFESTS! No better way to feel all positive happy vibes! We have met so many wonderful people on our journey, and the best part is that we did it TOGETHER AS A FAMILY.

Our REBL blog

We are REBL (Rebecca, Ellen, Bobby, Leah.) We decided we have a lot to say. There are four of us (REBL) and it's hard to be all one voice. Three of us (RBL) have vegan food blogs. We want to share our pics, recipes, thoughts and opinions. (Follow @veganfoodgal@vegandadnj and @vegvibez !!)