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Our REBL blog

Hello everyone,

We are REBL (Rebecca, Ellen, Bobby, Leah.)

We decided we have a lot to say. There are four of us (REBL) and it's hard to be all one voice. Three of us (RBL) have vegan food blogs and we want to share our pics and views. (Follow @veganfoodgal, @vegandadnj and @vegvibez !!) 

L decided she wants a food blog.  is a vegan all about the environment and wants to share what she learns. R is the restaurant gal, trying out places all over NYC and more. We will see what B, the only male, wants to say... ;-)

It's hard starting a new business. We are adding new items, assessing the ones we currently have, and trying to do our best with eco and sustainable products and vendors. Please let us know what you think and what you would like to see.
So please stay tuned and check us out!

REBL(s with a cause!)

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